Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant

This lip protectant feels nice and moisturises your lips so well. You do not need a lot as a little does the job perfectly. I use this once a day as it stops my lips going dry and makes them amazingly soft. This is very moisturising however not sticky therefore pleasant to use. This is not a cheap lip balm, it’s a premium balm. But the price does reflect the quality, it’s excellent and I wouldn’t be without it. I have used it everyday for about a year it’s still going! I love that this is presented like a lipstick even though it’s really more of a clear lip balm, a much nicer product to carry in my bag than a little fiddly pot of balm.

When I first bought this lip balm, it has made a visible difference to my lips within one use. It leaves lips feeling soft and supple and doesn’t feel sticky or heavy. This protectant protects against the elements and soothes chapped lips which I frequently have. It’s easy to transport and use on the go and works great under lipstick or alone. On the dowmside the smell is a little medicinal like most of the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour range.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Intensive Lip Repair Balm

During the Winter period I can suffer from chapped, dry and sore lips therefore this product is ideal for me. With daily usage, the dead skin healed and my lips are much softer and smoother than before, allowing lipsticks to appear well applied and even, and preventing the discomfort dry lips can bring. This can seem pricy however it can last you ages. My lips feel soft and primed under liquid or matte lipsticks. when using this product you lips are hydrated and moisturised and like the product mentioned above it doesn’t feel sticky

Eight Hour® Cream Intensive Daily Moisturiser for Face SPF 15 PA++

This is a lovely light but feels very luxurious product. Only the smallest amount goes a long way. Gorgeous smelling super moisturising cream. Leaves a lovely sheen to skin. I have normal skin at times and this is my favourite moisturiser. This is extremely light on the skin which feels nice. The moisturiser has a fresh and natural scent. It is very pleasant on the face, giving the feeling of smoothness, freshness and for me the most important sense of hydration. This is lovely and smooth – not greasy – easily absorbed – probably one of the best face creams I have ever purchased.

Eight Hour® Cream Skin Protectant

The scent isn’t going to be everyones taste, it smells a bit medicinal. However after long term use you do get used to the smell. I like to apply this to areas where I am particularly dry such as my feet, knees and elbows. I apply this at night and in the morning my dry areas leaving very soft. The consistancy of this product is very thick.

This is also very good for when you have a cold and you have been blowing your nose for days on end resulting in your nose being red and sore, I like to put some of the protectant on around my nose. I find this soothig and helps heal the skin quicker. The tube is small therefore may not last very long however I would repurchase as this is a product that helps my dry patches.

This is also great as a lipbalm, I like to use this in the winter and I never have chapped lips. This is a great multi use product as I have used this on my cuticles to soften them , applied this to help heal grazes. I believe there is an unscented version if the scent is off putting.


Rachel xo




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