Charlotte Tilbury’s Skincare


I have just recently purchased this. I caved, the only thing that was stopping me buy this was the price. It’s expensive. I purchase the 50ml tub for £70. The Packaging is a beautiful and luxurious rose gold pot. A little goes a long way, therefore will last a long time.

First impressions of this was that when applying, it felt light but hydrating. I noticed a difference in my skin on first application, my skin appeared more healthy. This cream left my skin feeling extremely soft. The cream absorbs quickly despite being a rich consistency. This isn’t greasy. I am not as keen on the scent as it isn’t as nice as the daycream

After using this product longer term, I noticed that the appearance of my pores were reduced. I found my skin to appear more smooth and plump. This is also a great base for makeup. This has become an essential for under my makeup. I would repurchase.


I purchased this al0ng with the cream. This is a 15ml pot for £40.

This eye cream is hydrating and like the cream, I noticed a difference after first up, my under eyes appeared more hydrated. A little goes a long way. This also has a lovely scent.

At first I was disappointed with how little product there was however after first use, you realise that that you only need a tiny amount of product each use.

This is like the daycream that it is not greasy. After long term use, my under eyes appear smooth, plump and well-nourished. I have found this to be good at reducing puffiness. My under eyes appear brighter.

If using this under makeup, I would wait till your undereye has absorbed the product as I personally found that it makeup doesn’t sit well on top of the eyecream. I only use this at night. I would repurchase.


When you purchase from Charlotte Tilbury, you get to pick samples, therefore I chose the night cream. You can purchase a 50ml pot for £100.

My first impressions was that this was a much thicker with the consistency being more like a balm. When I first applied, this felt sticky on my skin. However, after a period of time it became more tacky. After a while, the feeling of stickiness and tackiness was gone and it felt more like a moisturiser. On first use, it was already tightening and firming the skin.

In the morning, there was a residue left however after washing my face my skin appeared brighter and plumper. I feel conflicted about this product as there are aspects I really like but there are aspects I do not like. Based on the samples, I do not love this as much as the other skincare products mentioned therefore, I personally wouldn’t purchase the night cream in full size.


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