My Everyday Essentials

By Terry – Baume de Rose

This lip balm is very hyped up and I have to say I can understand why. I always thought that it was overpriced,  £39 is a lot for a lip balm. However after trying it, I definitely think it is worth the money.
This balm is to repair, nourish and revitalise your lips which is does very well. This is an ultra rich and deeply hydrating balm which leaves your lips feeling extremely soft.
The scent is another thing that is important to me, I can’t stand products that don’t have a nice scent, I just physically can’t use them. Is anyone else like this? This product is beautifully scented in the way that it is not too strong and overpowering
It is also suggested that this balm can be used a treatment to strengthen your cuticles, I have yet to try this.

The Ritual of Sakura Anti-Perspirant Spray

I picked this up when I was in a Rituals store in London. My mum and my sister were both making purchases, when we were at the till I saw this, it was essentially a mini however a 50ml, which I thought was generous. You can get this in larger size in either the spray or stick form. For me to like an anti-perspirant spray is rare as I am extremely fussy about which ones I use. This lasts all day, the scent is lovely, it is rice milk and cherry blossom however you smell more of the cherry scent. It is not overpowering but more on the subtle side. There are two things I look for in a deodorant, one is that it lasts all day, protecting you from perspiring and any undesired odour. The second no transfer. You know that annoying thing when you put a top on and white marks appear down the size. This deodorant passes both aspects.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

I suffer with acne quite badly especially at the sides of my face. Since I started using this product has really helped clear my skin and keep it at a point where I find it is manageable. The fragrance is again lovely without it being overpowering. This can remove all aspects of makeup even waterproof mascara. I find that this cleanser is gentle on my skin as it can be irritated and appear red extremely easily.

This product contains Cocoa Butter which softens, smooths and moisturise, Rosemary, chamomile and Eucalyptus which tones, soothe and purifies. I find that this cleanser leaves my skins feeling comfortable (I find that cleansers can leave my skin feeling tight), well balanced and clean. I like to use the cloth that comes with it as well as it gently exfoliates.

Molton Brown Ylang-Ylang Replenishing Hand Cream

This hand cream is the best cream I have tried. I am not particularly fussy when it comes to hand creams as long as it keeps my hands hydrated. This not only keeps my hands hydrated but it also firms and leaves them feeling comforted. This hand lotion is also so light that it sinks in quickly so no experiencing the situation of slippery hands. This hand cream is not greasy. When I am near finishing it I will most certainly be purchasing this again. They offer many scents, my favourite is the Ylang Ylang. This rich and peaceful intensive hand cream is an instantly absorbed daily treat for beautifully soft and luxuriously moisturised hands.

Rachel  xo


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